Brown Bag Series

"Translating Persian" - Wheeler Thackson, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University


Controversial History: Sanskrit Narratives of Indo-Muslim Rule, c. 1190 – 1721 - Audrey Truschke, Rutgers Newark

"Ethnicity and Conflict in Iraq's Oil City: A History of Kirkuk" - Arbella Bet-Shlimon, University of Washington

"From Mandate to State: Israel's Planning vis-a-vis Its Future Arab Citizens, 1947-1948"

“Algeria. The Struggle for Independence”

“The Star of Piercing Brightness”: The Proliferation of Encounters with the Hidden Imam in Late 19th Century Iran and Iraq

“The Esoteric and the Emotive: New Readings in Ottoman Sabbatian Sources”

“Persianate Selves: Commemorating Collectives at the End of Empires”

“Museum and Nation: Architecture, History and Statehood in the United Arab Emirates”

"Philosophy of Language before the Tenth Century: al-Kindī on Ambiguity"