Persian Language Studies

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Why study Persian?

  • Because it's an Indo-European language and an important language of the Middle East and Central Asia. 
  • Because it’s the easiest language to learn in the Middle East. Persian today includes Farsi, Dari and Tajiki dialects and is spoken by more than 100 million people in Iran, Tajikistan, parts of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. 
  • Because it’s an open door to Persian literature and a rich and diverse culture that created Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, and Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafez. 
  • Because after one year, students can begin to read, write and discuss classical and modern poems and prose from Rumi to Sa’di, from Daneshvar to Al-Ahmad, from Forugh to Sepehri. 
  • Because it’s fun to learn various cultural activities such as cooking Persian meals, calligraphy and watching Persian movies. 

Because  فارسی شکر است    We walk together through the gates of the Persian Empire at Princeton!

Persian Courses

The Near Eastern Studies Department offers three levels of Persian language, which are taught by Amineh Mahallati. Persian courses include the following:

  • Beginners (PER101/102), intermediate (PER105/107), advanced (PER300 series). 
  • Courses at the 300 level may be taken in any order.
  • Completing two years of Persian language study fulfills the university foreign language requirement.

Language Placement

Students seeking to test out of the language requirement, or to place into a level higher than PER101, are encouraged to take the placement test, which is offered every year during orientation week, and by appointment. While students may take Persian to fulfill the foreign language requirement, they also have the opportunity to study Persian while pursuing a concentration or a certificate in Near Eastern Studies.

For more information, please contact Amineh Mahallati ([email protected]) for any questions.


Please contact Amineh Mahallati ([email protected]) for any questions.

Language Table

The Program in Near Eastern Studies offers a Persian Language Table to build conversational skills.

  • Fridays (when classes are in session) @12 noon - 1:00PM
  • Yeh Dining Hall
  • [email protected]

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