Criteria for student fellowship eligibility:

  • A potential fellow must possess US Citizenship or permanent residency status.
  • A potential fellow must be a graduate student in good standing.
  • A potential fellow must plan on engaging in full-time intensive summer language study.

Criteria for summer language program eligibility

  • Summer FLAS are awarded for intensive language study (the equivalent of one full academic year).
  • Summer FLAS-funded programs must be at least 6 weeks long, with a minimum total of 140 language instruction hours, for students at the beginner and intermediate levels. 
  • The program must have a minimum total of 120 hours for advanced levels.
  • If the student wishes to use the fellowship overseas, the program must be at the intermediate or advanced level. (Students can be at the beginning level only if an appropriate beginning language program in the student’s target language is not available in the United States.)
  • If the student wishes to use the fellowship overseas, the student must use a US air carrier, even if it is more expensive. If there are no US carriers to the destination country, the student must use US carriers to get as close to the destination as possible (i.e., Cairo), then proceed with a non-US air carrier to the destination country. 

Summer FLAS award funding

  • Summer FLAS provides up to $5,000 of the fellow's tuition, along with a stipend of $2,500. 

Information required

The fellow must be able to provide answers all of the following questions, as pertinent to their study plans:

  • Tuition cost:
  • Purpose of travel/explanation:
  • Country/ies:
  • Explanation of Expenditures: Tuition, room and board and travel expenses for summer program.
  • Date leaving and place of departure:
  • Date arriving and place of Arrival:
  • Date returning:
  • Place of departure:
  • Date of arrival in the US:
  • Place of arrival:
  • Departure Itinerary (including airline and flight number):
  • Return Itinerary (including airline and flight number):
  • Travel cost:
  • Program website:
  • Name of program:
  • Language studied: 
  • Number of weeks/hours per week:                                 
  • Language year (1st., 2nd., 3rd., etc.):
  • Beginning and ending dates of program:
  • Your year of graduate study and home department:  

How to apply

  • The student indicates their interest in summer FLAS on the Graduate School’s electronic summer funding application. 
  • Potential fellows must also submit two letters of recommendation. 
  • Potential fellows must also submit hard copies of the program’s complete information (tuition costs separate from any other costs, duration of program, number of hours of study per week, etc.) to Deena Abdel-Latif  [email protected] (office: 220 Frist Campus Center, office mailbox: 110 Jones Hall).  Additional contact if needed: Jonathan Gribetz [email protected] (office mailbox: 110 Jones Hall), Karen Chirik [email protected] (office: 111 Jones Hall, office mailbox: 110 Jones Hall)

Notification of award

  • You will be notified via e-mail in early April if you have or have not received a summer FLAS fellowship. 

End of fellowship report requirement

  • Summer FLAS fellows must file an electronic Student Performance Report, which will be read only by the US Department of Education.